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Medium Kitchen Remodeling and Design Ideas and Photos

This hardworking small kitchen features two space-smart pull-out pantry units and hidden stepladder storage for upper cabinets. The use of butternut wood, copper, hickory, and antiqued bronze give the room warmth, while a rich blue beadboard backsplash delivers a shot of color.

Small kitchens are better ergonomically. The old rule of the kitchen triangle still applies. With small kitchens, the work triangle is practically built-in, making for very efficient use of the space during meal preparation. Have a look at some ideas for effectively remodeling your small kitchen.

A vaulted ceiling, clean white walls and a front door with large glass panels help make this small kitchen and living area feel bright and open. White Shaker cabinetry conceals a small refrigerator, full-sized dishwasher, microwave and toaster oven.

They are wonderful ideas for small kitchens that create spacious kitchen interiors with comfortable small dining areas. Small breakfast bar, small islands and compact dining tables can be used while cooking and eating, improving the functionality of small kitchens and creating multifunctional interior design.

27 Space-Saving Design Ideas For Small Kitchens When you have a small kitchen, you often don't even feel like going into that room. It's just not inviting to always feel like you don't have enough space for prepping dinner or even for washing the dishes.

1. The Cube Kitchen. 2. Shiny and Transparent. 3. Open up with Skylight. 4. Charming Country Kitchen. 5. Pull-out Work Spaces. 6. Modern Off-Whites. 7. Go Big on the Fixtures. 8. Drawer Organisers. 9. Minimalist Chic. 10. Rich Metallic Details. 11. Dramatic Red and Black. 12. Let the