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Encaustic tiles like the ones shown here have been around since medieval times, but they're making a major comeback in modern kitchens—and we can see why! On the back wall, beadboard brings barely-there texture (and vintage appeal) to this bright-white space. Odds are your mom or grandma had one

A lot of people buy vintage clothes or antique furniture. It's no surprise then that we see more and more retro fridges in kitchens around the world. These refrigerators act as real eye-catchers because of their funky colors and unique design. It doesn't matter if you have a contemporary kitchen or a very modern one; retro fridges fit anywhere.

Are you tired of my kitchen yet? If I were you, I may be tired of my kitchen. But, here's hoping you aren't tired of my kitchen. Because, its the second round of the What's Your Style series, which means we are talking kitchens.. So today, I'm sharing a little bit more about my Vintage Modern Rustic Kitchen.

We help you find products and design inspiration to remodel and decorate your home in mid-century and vintage style. Get ideas for your kitchen or your bathroom tour a time capsule and share in a like-minded community passionate about their old houses. Read More.

How do I make vintage metal kitchen cabinets fit into my kitchen? Restoring Vintage Steel Kitchen Cabinets #1 Renovate Safe: Like other original features in a vintage house, vintage steel kitchen cabinets can contain materials that require environmental and safety precautions. So when undertaking your restoration project, be sure to consult

Take the extra time to peruse the following gallery of vintage kitchen design and decor ideas to get a good idea of how to merge classic kitchen design with modern sensibilities. The kitchen is the ideal place to integrate timeless trends like a farmhouse table or subway tile backsplash. Even Martha Stewart embraces elegant old-fashioned design